The Kingdom of God belongs to such as these

It was a beautiful sunny fall morning as six of us headed out to the two blocks. One of the once-a-month volunteers brought his young daughter out to help and without any fear or hesitation began knocking on doors and talking to people. So awesome to see!

We raked and mowed a few lawns while we caught up with our neighbors. We were able to meet and lend a hand to a new couple who had just had a newborn baby. Further conversations happened with the Hindu believing man about some more of the same topics as he shared his thoughts on a granddaughter who had killed her grandmother here in Winnipeg. He talked about how she deserved to be in jail and that she would probably learn how to do worse things in there. We were able to share with him that what she really needed was forgiveness, and that she has yet to experience God’s love in her life. There was an opportunity to pray for a woman’s son who had graduated and was struggling to look for work.

So God is doing great things and even using a little girl to show us all how simple and easy it can be to belong to the Kingdom of God and show love to our neighbors. Come out this Saturday and bring your rakes!