Threshold Jr – November 7 – Just Dance Party!

This week…

Dance Party Game Show
November 7th – Wednesday – 7:00pm-9pm
Let’s find out who’s the best dancer of our entire youth group!  Of course, there are prizes to be won for those with the best moves!  We also continue our faith series called ‘Vital’.

The week after that…
Uprising Conference
November 16-17th
Fri, 6:30pm-Sat, 5:15pm
Cost: $65
BIGGEST youth conference in Manitoba with a sleep over at the church (meals included in price). Register at:
If cost is the only thing holding back participation in this event, please contact me and see if we can arrange something!


The week after that…

Talent Show
November 21st – Wednesday – 7:00pm-9pm
Every year we see how talented Threshold Jr students really are!  This year will be no different! Come and show us your talent!  Talents could be anything; Karate moves, art pieces, Dad jokes, improv skits, rubik’s cube skills, singing, dancing or playing an instrument!  Bring your talent and your support for others!


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