Threshold Jr – Mar 23rd – Youth Events!

Hello students and parents!

I’m hoping you and your loved ones are well! I’m happy to let you know that last week’s zoom was a success and we are going to be doing even more in the weeks to come!

First, we will be meeting for Threshold Jr at our regular date and times through Zoom (Wednesday 7:00-9:00 pm). But, we are also adding another service during the day! This will start next Monday (March 30th) at 2:00 pm! We will continue to meet TWICE a week until we are back in action at the church!

What does Monday services look like? This is an afternoon service with students who are interested in having fun but also desiring to go deeper in their faith. We haven’t had this chance to meet with this kind of focus in mind so I’m very excited to be hosting that as well!

How do you do join us online? We’ll be hosting a ‘Zoom meeting’. That means, we can play games together, talk and even worship! If you aren’t familiar with ‘Zoom’ it’s simply a video-conferencing application that can do a lot!

Here’s how you prepare for our Interactive Service!
Step 1) Download the ‘Zoom’ app on your device! Here are the links below!

Andriod – CLICK HERE

*You don’t have to download the app if you’re on a laptop/desktop, but it’s more robust if you do!*

Step 2) On March 25th @ 7pm, click our Zoom Meeting URL


Step 3) Enjoy the service by listening and participating!

This week!
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Online Game Show!
March 25th – Wednesday 7 – 9pm
Family Feud is our next game show! We also start a new faith-based series on Doubts!

The week after that…
We will likely continue with our Threshold Jr Interactive Service until we are informed otherwise.  We encourage you to not become isolated during times like these! God is still on the throne!

Feel free to email Mathew, our Youth Director, if you have any questions.


  Click here for this month’s calendar