Threshold Jr – Dec 4th – God, Save the Queen!

This week!
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God, Save the Queen!
December 4th – Wednesday – 7-9 pm
It’s freeze tag with foam swords and riddles in the entire church! Will you and your friends be able to save the Queen? We start a brand-new series called Unwrapped. It’s about Christmas!

The week after that…
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Christmas Game Show…
December 11th – Wednesday – 7-9 pm
We enjoy our game shows so much and we are doing a Christmas edition this time! We pick from our favorite and best-played ones! Win prizes with your friends! We finish our series called Unwrapped.

The week after that…

Christmas Movie Night!
December 18th – Wednesday – 7-9 pm
It’s beginning to FEEL a lot like Christmas! Come and relax with your friends as we grab popcorn, chill on couches and watch a Christmas movie! Popcorn is FREE!


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