Weary In Well Doing

Hundreds of children are everywhere.  We have tied a string around our camp and eating area to keep the local people and children away so that at least we have some privacy.  Now I know what the animals in the zoo feel like, we are the zoo and the local people gather around the stringed area  to watch what these different coloured people do.  Seven days of three services a day.  Preaching and teaching, question and answer times, two sets of children’s lesson a day and then on top of that there are the local people and pastors that have questions, prayer requests, physical and monetary needs.  I think that I know a little about how Jesus felt and why sometimes He needed to pull away from the press of the crowd.  Jesus needed to get away to pray (Matthew 14:23).  There are people everywhere and then there is the sun or the rain, or the wind with dust, when it hasn’t rained within a couple days.  There are squat holes that we need to use for a latrine. There are lots of things that we could complain about.  It would be easy just to send everyone away, yet, we are exhorted not to be weary in well doing (Gal 6:9).

What if just one of those people got saved and their life was changed because we didn’t quit when life was a little difficult.  Of the three hundred or more children that the team works with twice a day, most have put up their hands and prayed to say that they wanted to receive Jesus into their lives.  Today I was told that Pastor James, the local pastor whom we work with, received Jesus as his Saviour when he was 7 years old.  Perhaps one of these children, or many of them, will become pastors because someone from our team shared Jesus with them.  These ever watching children are the next generation of leaders.

Lord help us not to be weary in well doing.  There are lives to touch, there is much to do.  What about the people around your life?  They too need to be ministered to.  Perhaps you can touch them if you are not weary in well doing.