What a Wimp

Yesterday I got out of bed and had this gnawing pain in my hip, going down into the leg.  The pain was not disabling, I could walk, I didn’t limp, I could bend, sit, pick up things, etc.  but it was painful.  I definitely have more empathy for those in far worse pain than what I had.  Then I thought about Jacob who wrestled with God. (Genesis 32:24-32). In the process of wrestling, Jacob’s name is changed, a blessing is bestowed, and his hip is touched by God so that he walks with a limp.  Perhaps Jacob had a sciatic nerve problem. From then on, through the life of Jacob, there was no mention of his hip or his limp. There seemed to be no complaining or focusing on the way he walked.

I asked myself, could it be that meeting God in a fresh way overshadowed the irritation and frustration of the physical limitations that Jacob had? Jacob’s comment was that he had met God face to face and his life was delivered.

Lord, may we meet You more often and experience You in more real ways so that the irritations of life would be overshadowed by the reality and life of You.