Where Is This Hidden Life?

People are searching for something that will bring lasting satisfaction.  Though we are alive i.e. not dead, people as individuals and as a larger society are desperately trying to find the source of life and purpose.  In the movies a predominant theme is that sexual fulfillment, experiences or money will bring life.  When those desires are not obtained then frustrations, depression and discouragement result.  It can seem like true life is unachievable and hidden from us.

The scriptures would tell us that true life is unattainable because we are looking at the wrong places.  Colossians 3:2,3 says that “Our life is hidden with Christ in God”, and that we are to set our minds on heavenly things above, not on the things on the earth.

We might think that in coming to Jesus He will enable us to have what we want to bring us life.  That in some way, He will give us riches, fame, good relationships or success, and He might do these things.  Yet true life might still seem hidden from us,  If so, it will be because we are failing to see that life will come through our walk with Jesus Christ and out enjoyment of Him.

Lord Jesus may we find true life, as it is based upon You.