Willing Servants

Last week we had the opportunity to invite people to our Easter Services and many people on the block either said they were planning on attending one of the services, or indicated that they were thinking about coming!  I have no idea how many people actually came out, but just the fact that they were thinking about it is great.  Hopefully we will hear from some of the people who ended up coming to church over the next several weeks.

This week it is time to start raking and we need your help to see that accomplished.  There is no group from the church coming this week and to top it off there is a Youth Conference happening at the church which always takes some of our regular people.  We need some willing servants to come out this week as we start to do some clean-up work in the neighbourhood.  Would you consider making that commitment this Saturday morning?  We can really use as much help as possible.  So come on out, bring a friend or family member, and don’t forget some gloves and a rake if you have one.

As a result of the conference happening here in the church, we will not be meeting in our usual place.  We will instead be meeting in A2 this week (up by the church offices).