Would I Say That? Would I Then Be Willing To Do It?

When I read through the scriptures I often check to see if my values and my desires are consistent with those who are Godly examples in the Bible.  In the Book of Acts, we see the Apostle Paul being warned, by the Spirit, that if he were to go to Jerusalem then he would be tied up and thrown into prison (Acts 20:23; 21:4; 21:11,12).  In response to these warnings Paul affirms his commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ by stating, “I am ready not only to be bound, but also to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus.”  When reading these words and comparing them to my thoughts and responses, I thought, “yes, I’d be willing to die for Jesus.”  Of course, I can easily think this in my mind, but these “thoughts” are nowhere near the reality of how I live my life.

Dying for the name of the Lord Jesus!!!  Yes, we think we would do this, but we are barely able to get out of bed in time for the Sunday church service.  Giving sacrificially to the kingdom of God or the thought of publicly declaring our faith is also too hard for us.

Lord, we are so easily intimidated, give us your strength so we would be able to boldly walk in your truth without pulling back. Help us to have the right thoughts, but then to actually do them.