You Weren’t There

Many years ago I was talking to a young teenager who was devastated.  All the other friends of hers were going to an out-of-city Christian youth event, but her parents had forbidden her to attend.  Frustrated she moped about the house murmuring because life wasn’t fair.  I’m not certain if “life was unfair” for her,  but for certain she thought that her parents weren’t fair.  Sometimes, we too think that life is not fair.  We get left behind; we are ignored.  There is the frustration, not that we missed the opportunities, but that we weren’t even told about the opportunities.

In John 11:21, Martha said to Jesus, “Lord, if You had been here, my brother would not have died.”  Martha was frustrated because the opportunity for having Jesus present, and having her brother healed was missed.  Martha made distance a limit to God’s power.

In the situation with the teenager, God spoke to her before the event and the young girl realized what she needed was not to be at the youth event but to meet with Jesus.  There was no one who could keep her from meeting with Jesus.  When the weekend came, the youth group left, but the teenage girl had a wonderful weekend with Jesus and herself.

Lord we may be frustrated with events, but help us to always enjoy our time with You, realizing that  only ourselves can keep us from You.  You are all that we really need.