“Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap.” This verse from Galatians 6:7 is dangerously overlooked by many people. The Apostle Paul claims that ‘whatever’ we sow, we will reap. Anything we sow, everything we sow, will eventually come back to us in an increased measure. That’s what reaping means. A farmer sows a bushel of wheat and will get 30, 60 or 100 times back… exactly the amount Jesus Himself declared 2000 years ago (Matt 13:8). The word ‘whatever’ is a very broad term. In the original Greek language it means… well, it means whatever! Sow love, reap love; sow hate, reap hate; sow money, reap money; sow criticism, reap criticism. You get the idea.


If we could get our head around this one principle alone it would revolutionize our lives. For example, I see many Christian marriages today that are in desperate trouble. Irrespective of who or what started the fissure in the relationship, the divide is continually widened by an escalation of the sowing and reaping process.

Husband: Honey, the meatloaf is a little burnt.

Wife: Well darling, maybe if you got off the couch once in a while and helped.

Husband: Maybe if you got a real job and contributed financially. Instead, you lie around all day watching soaps and then can’t cook a lousy meatloaf. It’s not rocket science.

Wife: Maybe if you earned more money at your pathetic excuse for a job we wouldn’t need to eat meatloaf every night!

Husband: I want a divorce.

Wife: I hate your guts.


My fictitious example (although it probably happened somewhere) is a bit accelerated, but you get the point. Whatever we sow we will eventually reap. People who are loving or generous, reap love or generosity in return. People who criticize or judge, reap criticism or judgement in return. What surprises me is how many of us do not recognize the sowing and reaping mechanism as it works in our own lives. Success or failure on so many levels can be determined by this one principle alone. I could share with you hundreds of real life examples of how this all works but there was one in the news this week, that shamefully, I have been waiting for a long time for it to come. For the last 8 years Donald Trump has been sitting in the red chair on his ridiculously self-aggrandizing TV show The Apprentice, where he chastises contestants who mess up one of his ‘ever so real’ challenges. After he calls them stupid or pathetic and has sufficiently humiliated them on national TV, he points his finger at them in a most demeaning way and says, “You’re fired!”

Trump fired

Why Harvard grads or Yale grads or washed up celebrities would subject themselves to The Donald’s belittlement is beyond me. Worse yet, when they won they had to go work for him for a whole year. It should have been the other way around. The losers should have got stuck with being apprenticed by the world’s most narcissistic and arrogant egomaniac. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike Trump. I think the world would be a much less interesting place without him. Just like we would be more impoverished without Donald Duck or Ronald McDonald. What surprises me is that some people actually think Donald Trump is a real person rather than a cartoon character from a television show. So when he announced he was actually running for US President in 2016 I was expecting Fred Flintstone and Homer Simpson to throw their names in the hat as well. At first, other than the late night comedians, no one seemed  to think the announcement was bizarre that a completely out of touch with reality, self-consumed billionaire with the insatiable appetite for attention now wanted to run the country like it was one of his TV reality shows. It wasn’t until Trump made the comment that the Mexicans coming across the border into the US were drug dealers and rapists, that everybody dogpiled on the rabbit.

dogpilepile on the rabbit

Trump isn’t used to anyone taking anything he says seriously. But politics is a very different animal from the ‘make belief’ world of ‘reality’ TV and now he is under a whole new level of scrutiny. (For the record, and far be it for me to defend Trump, he did not call all Mexicans drug dealers and rapists. What he said was that Mexico was not sending their best to the US, but their criminal element… “They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists…” Here is what he actually said; Actual Quote which has been mostly misquoted.) Trump is careless with his words at the best of times, and this time regardless of what he said or how he said it, the reaction was swift and harsh. The people who for years have aligned themselves with the Trump media circus have lined up to fire him. Global-wide Spanish language Univison – “You’re Fired!”; Mexican based broadcaster Televisa – “You’re Fired!”; NBCUniversal the network that airs The Apprentice – “You’re Fired!”; retail giant Macy’s that exclusively sells Trump’s clothing line – “You’re Fired!”; CHI and Biosilk haircare product -“You’re Fired!” This has to be the biggest blow of them all. You take away Trump’s beautifully conditioned and coiffed hair and what does he have left?

bald trumpHonestly, I never thought I would see the Trump franchise unravel so fast, but we know that eventually everything catches up with you as you reap what you sow. I know I shouldn’t join the dogpile on the poor defenseless Donald. I need him to stay around more than anyone. I need him to illustrate Jesus parables, like the one about the rich fool who built bigger barns yet did not consider his soul, or how the rich flaunt their wealth and ignore the poor or the dangers of always taking the higher seat. How would I  ever preach on Nebuchadnezzar in the book of Daniel without Trump’s most compelling contemporary example. King Nebuchadnezzar build a tower to himself 90′ tall, mistreated his lowly minions and he too was brought low and humbled for seven years as he eventually reaped everything that he sowed.

trump tower

Everything comes back to us in life. We would be wise to carefully consider the things we say to others, the way we treat our employees or co-workers, the consideration of others in traffic, whether we share our resources with others or just spend them on ourselves, the giving of a gentle answer or a harsh one, etc. At this point you may be thinking , “Hey wait a minute, by making fun of Trump, you are now going to have to reap what you sowed”. And you would be correct, I will need to pay the price in spades… but frankly, it is totally worth it. For the record I get more than my fair share of abuse from others and I deserve it. Not everybody enjoys my brand of sardonic humour. And now you could write a response and criticize me for it, but then you too would reap what you sowed. It’s just such a vicious cycle.