Pastors & Administrators Day

March 5, 2019 at Church of the Rock

We are privileged to have guest speakers from the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC) with us in Winnipeg for inspiration and training at a TWO-FOLD event. The morning focus will be for Pastors and Ministry Directors, while the afternoon will broaden to the topic of Ministry Administration as a whole.

Here are the details and RSVP links:

TUES, MARCH 5, 2019 (afternoon only) – This is a FREE workshop for anyone involved in ministry administration – be that staff or volunteer administrators, treasurers, bookkeepers, board members, pastors, etc. We know you wear many hats!

1:30 – 3:30 PM – FREE WORKSHOP

  • at Church of the Rock (Theatre) – 1397 Buffalo Place

TOPIC: “Tips & Trends for Church Administrators”

Come hear from a trio of staff from the Canadian Council of Christian Charities (CCCC) as they share updates and information that will help church administrators facilitate ministry and proactively respond to current Canadian donor trends.

Barry Bussey: Director, Legal Affairs, CCCC

  • will discuss the current challenges faced by Christian ministry in Canada’s legal environment

John Pellowe: Chief Executive Officer, CCCC

  • will present recent Canadian trends in donor behaviour and discuss a proactive response strategy

Gilbert Langerak: Manager, Member Support, CCCC

  • Benevolence rules and boundaries in general and specifics regarding refugee sponsorship
  • Love gifts, honorariums, and tangible donor recognition – understanding the boundaries
  • Laws, Regulations, bylaws, and policies – a high-level review of the “pecking order” and staying current
  • An open discussion on any question, any topic, from the audience

RSVP deadline: MAR. 3, 2019


TUES, MARCH 5, 2019 – PASTORS and MINISTRY DIRECTORS, please join us at the Pastors & Leaders Prayer Network, where guest speaker, John Pellowe (CEO of the Canadian Council of Christian Charities) will be sharing his passion for equipping churches.

9:30 AM – Pastors & Leaders Prayer Network

  • at Church of the Rock (Theatre) – 1397 Buffalo Place

John Pellowe will share during the regular monthly prayer meeting on the topic of  “A Pastor’s Achilles Heel – Church Administration.” High quality administration is critical to having a well-run church, fulfilling legal/regulatory responsibilities, and building organizational health. John will share some stories that demonstrate how poor administration has hurt churches, and how CCCC gives pastors confidence that their administration team is knowledgeable and capable.

11:30 AM – FREE LUNCHEON for Pastors/Ministry Directors

TOPIC:  “The Amazing Ripple Effect Your Church has on Canadian Society!”

John will share the latest in academic-level research in Canada and elsewhere that shows beyond doubt the positive impact that local churches have on society. Every Canadian benefits from your church, whether they are of faith or not. Be encouraged and inspired as you realize the people you bless go far, far beyond those who are in attendance at your church.

RSVP deadline: FEB. 28, 2019