Christmas Gifts for Missions 2021

This year we are collecting donations for specific needs on the mission field. (Click on each gift  title to expand more information.)

$5 – SERBIA – Child/Teen Outreach
  • Spiritual eyes and hearts are rapidly opening among the Romani (Gypsy) unbelievers in Serbia, including children and young people in their teens. This Christmas, we would like to outfit the blossoming youth ministry in Serbia by providing the funds necessary to continue its strategic outreach. These funds will provide an opportunity for the young people to have the Gospel presented, enjoy delicious treats, participate in festive activities, and gain hope in a life centred around Jesus.
$20 – ETHIOPIA – 20 Discipleship Books
  • A nationwide evangelistic thrust over the past year has resulted in a large number of new churches/house churches being established. Church planters are overwhelmed with requests for discipleship material and Bible teachers. Your gift will support national church planting partners in Ethiopia in distributing a specially designed book describing how to grow in the Lord and organize a house church gathering. The demand for such a book has never been greater.
$30 – ISRAEL –  Christmas Food Packages
  • The COVID-19 lockdowns in Israel over the last 18 months have significantly impacted Israeli Arab families throughout the country. Our missions partner is connected with dozens of Arab congregations who hold out hope in this troubled land through faith in Jesus. We can strengthen these Arab ministries by providing pastors and believers with food baskets that they can deliver to families in desperate need. These acts of kindness will demonstrate the love of Christ and explain how Jesus is the only hope for those living in Israel.
$40 – EGYPT – Children’s Bibles
  • In a region where low literacy levels are common, an innovative Bible storybook is proving very effective in communicating the love of Jesus. This high-quality, beautifully illustrated book is a striking work of art that families will cherish for its message. We would like to flood the region with thousands of copies of this Arabic “family-friendly” Bible this Christmas season.
$48 – VIETNAM – 16 Ethnic Minority Bibles
  • Despite the struggles faced by Vietnamese national church planters, there has never been a greater openness to the Gospel than today. Those living in village settings within the forests and jungles of Vietnam accept Christ readily and in large clusters. Rough-hewn wooden church buildings cannot be constructed quickly enough to accommodate the burgeoning congregations. The overwhelming request from these new believers is for a copy of God’s Word. This Christmas, the goal is to place thousands of additional copies into this region.
$50 – CHINA –  Imprisoned Pastors Support
  • In China, surveillance of Christians remains relentless and pastors are being arrested regularly. Those imprisoned for their faith receive sentences ranging from three months to three-plus years in length. You gift will provide assistance with food and medicine for the family while the pastors are in prison or upon their release.
$350 – LAOS – Mini-Farm
  • In Laos, there are national church planters who are vigorously sharing the Gospel while watching thousands turn to Christ.  We can launch church planting families into ministry by providing them with a “Mini Farm” comprised of chickens, pigs, ducks, fish, aquaponics, seeds, and gardening equipment/supplies. Your gift will help the church planting family to be self-supporting for years to come.

The deadline for donating toward these gifts is SUNDAY, Dec. 26, 2021.

Partial donations will also be accepted towards any of the above gifts.

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Christmas Gifts for Missions donation deadline is Dec. 26, 2021.

  • Once you have logged in to Online Giving – go to “Give Now” and under the heading “Give to…” select “Missions Projects (International)” and then select the type of gift and then enter the amount you have decided.