LifeLinks Conference 2018

Building Churches that Advance the Kingdom


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Main Session Audio:

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Pastor Ian Byrd – “The Call to Advance”Christian leaders can effectively steward the call to “Advance the Kingdom” – bearing the weight of ministry through God’s grace and empowerment!

Dr. Yaw Perbi – “Outward & Inward: WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON?”   Following scriptural examples and exhortations to be attentive and discerning we shall examine some key current global and inner realities that are (or will be) affecting Kingdom advance and how the Lord might be inviting us to prayerfully and decisively respond to be relevant and effectual.

Dr. Yaw Perbi – “Forward & Downward: RELEASING THE NEXT GENERATION” – The Kingdom of God on earth is not only transnational, it also is transgenerational. Could our huge personalities, packed schedules, desire for immediate ‘return on investment’ etc. be short-circuiting the long-term growth and sustainability of the Kingdom’s advance? We’ll get practical on why and how to make the time and effort to release the next generation, especially delving into the concept and dynamics of mentoring.

Dr. Yaw Perbi – “Backward & Upward: “IN WHOSE IMAGE?” –  If the church is God’s primary instrument to advance His kingdom in the world what is the danger in using outmoded European Christendom templates and current Corporate America methods or even building in the image of celebrity pastors? What could happen if we really understood and did ministry in the image of the Trinity?

Pastor Kevin Beeson – “Compelled” – God’s delight in us as sons and daughters compels us into a Spirit-Led adventure.


Workshop Audio:

Women’s Workshop – Owning your call: Val Byrd *update: No Part 2*

  • For women who want to live their call in every season, Val shares how knowing Who you are, and Where you are,significantly impacts your influence.

Crucial Conversations: Steve Chupp 

  • Learn how to effectively navigate the most difficult and important conversations at work, home, and play. Get results without sacrificing the relationship.

Finding Healthy Partnerships in Global Missions: Peter Kasiviru

  • The success of cross-cultural partnerships comes from healthy relationship. Points to discuss are: how to discern a healthy partnership, partnership vs paternalism, the role of communication, and friend-raising vs fund-raising.

One Heart, One Mind: John Scott 

  • We will be looking at how the early church worked together and how we can apply these strategies to our churches today.


A Biblical & Strategic Approach to Leadership Development: Mark Hughes

  • How do we inspire our leaders to move into greater levels of leadership? Pastor Mark Hughes tackles this question, sharing biblical insight with practical application.

Creating a Healthy Culture in Your Kids Ministry: Alfie Neumann

  • What does it really take to build a great Kids ministry? It’s not just about lessons, lights, diapers, Lego, and play doh, ….Kids Ministry is so much more. Come and listen to some practical tips on making a necessary shift.

Protecting Yourself as a Leader: Dallas Beutler

  • After going through burn out and a crises of marriage and ministry, God has helped Dallas and Leah on a pathway to health.  Dallas will give some of the key insights they have learned learned through this time that they: 1) would do over if given the chance, 2)  are currently trying to practice, and 3) believe will help others on their ministry journey.

Building Churches Prophetically: Phil Cana

  • There is a difference between ‘Building Churches Prophetically’ and ‘Building a Prophetic Church.’  We have frequently addressed Building a Prophetic Church, but what does it mean to Build Churches Prophetically?  Let’s take a look at how we do this.


Building Kingdom-Advancing Families: Candice Reid

  • Behind every kingdom-advancing church are kingdom-advancing families.  What are we doing as churches to empower marriages and families?

Being Authentic in an Artificial World for Church Growth: Joel Wells

  • How to preach the truth of God’s word with boldness in a world starving for authenticity and practicality.

Equipping Leaders: Aubrey Krahn 

  • Practical steps for empowering others and enlisting help.

Creating a Strategic Plan for Your Church (That Actually Works): Moses Latella 

  • Activate a vision, saturated Holy Spirit driven strategic plan that actually works.  Most strategic plans are dead upon arrival and collect dust on the pastors book shelf because they are not God breathed, too complicated, generic, or lack clarity. Learn how to create a dynamic, unique strategic plan for your church that moves your people from vision to living out the call of Jesus in the everyday stuff of life.


What I Wish I Knew Then: Dave & Linda Wells

  • This session involves the ”Wells” sharing things they learned through their years of experience in the ministry which would have helped them as young or new leaders‎!

5-Fold Ministry for Multiplication: Frank Hackett 

  • “I… beg you to lead a life worthy of your calling, for you have been called by God.” Eph 4:1 Jesus has given us all the tools we need to Multiply his Kingdom. Empowering people to use their Kingdom Fivefold gifts, creates a culture that matures the church into the multiplying movement its called to be!

Marketing the Church in a Noisy, Distracted Culture: Derek Robinson

  • How do you capture attention and slice through the ever noisy world with the timeless message of Jesus? Derek Robinson will share insights of how to grow your church and your ministry’s impact by developing a strong brand and core message based on his experience marketing for a Premier, provincial government, political party and now a church and various