Love Niverville

Hey Church!

It’s time to LOVE NIVERVILLE and we need YOUR HELP! We want to encourage our whole church to bless the employees of a local business that has been open and serving through this pandemic, using Love Niverville Bingo 🙂

Here’s what we need you to do:

1. Pick a business on our BINGO card

  • The BINGO card is just a starting point – if you do not live in Niverville, pick a business near you!
  • We couldn’t fit all the Niverville options on the card, so feel free to think outside the box (like Subway or the Great Canadian Dollar Store, etc)
  • As you can see, a few businesses have already been claimed by some of our leaders!

2. Make a plan and let Pastor Tim know what you’re planning

  • Feel free to work together as a home group to bless a business
  • The church can assist in covering some expenses – just email Pastor Tim with the details to get approval first!

3. Execute your plan. Here are some ideas:

  • Write a card or design a poster saying Thank You
  • Deliver coffee or pre-packaged treats
  • Bring a floral arrangement with a card
  • Post a fun thank you video or comment on their social media accounts
  • Offer to clean up litter outside their location
  • Purchase gift cards from one place and gift them to employees at another!
  • Print/Hand out cards with church information.  Download below:
    Love Niverville logo
    COTR Logo (For businesses outside Niverville)

4. Take a picture of you/your group executing the plan and send it to Pastor Tim (doesn’t have to be faces if you want to maintain privacy)

5. We will share on social media to show the rest of the church what is all happening!

Pastor Tim