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@Winnipeg South

Our combined Summer Schedule starts JULY 4, 2022

All events meet and pick up at Church of the Rock – 1397 Buffalo Place (East Parking Lot Entrance)

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 Summer Events Waiver Form (print and return – one form covers all of the summer events)

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YOUTH (GR. 6-12) @ Bronx Park Campus

Effective May 31

Bi-Weekly Bonfire & Ice Cream

  • Students in grades 6-12 meet biweekly for a bonfire & ice cream on MONDAY evenings (during the summer) at 7:11pm – 8:30pm at the Gilfillan Residence (139 Larchdale Cres.)

The Bronx Park Campus Youth will be joining Threshold JR and High School Ministry events at the Winnipeg South Campus.

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YOUTH (GR. 6-12) at the North End Campus

We believe middle school and high school students are experiencing unique phases in their life, and they matter. We want to help student engage with an EVERY DAY FAITH so they can be living as followers of Jesus.

Check back here for updates and all information related to youth ministry at our North End Campus.

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