Missions Christmas Gifts

Your special Missions gift this Christmas will help Pastors in India to minister more effectively and become more self-sustainable. Here are the suggested amounts (Partial donations will also be accepted towards any of the gift types):

  • $15 buys one chair – need 5 chairs per congregation
  • $15 buys a 10ft x 6ft mat for 15 people to sit on in church
  • $125 buys a sewing machine so family can become self sufficient
  • $200 buys part of a community well in areas where people walk 6-8 miles a day for water (total cost per well is $6,000)
  • $300 buys part of a church building (total cost of a 60ft x 30ft church building is $12,000 CDN; seats 450 people on mats)

Donate Online Here

Donation deadline is Dec. 30, 2018.

  • Once you have logged in to Online Giving – go to “Give Now” and under the heading “Give to…” select “Missions Projects (International)” and then select the type of gift and then enter the amount you have decided.