Missions Fundraising Projects

Pie Auction: 10/40 Window

Our goal for the year 2019 is to raise $413,500 to fulfill the projects described below. To join in, please submit your Missions donation with the designation “10/40 Window.”

In March & April, our annual local Pie Auction events will also play a big part in reaching this goal, as we hope to bring in $243,500 through the auctioning and selling of pies and cakes and wonderful desserts at all of our campuses.

Bible Translation – $195,000

 Projects in:

  • Central Asia
  • East Asia
  • India – Duko Bible & Gurija Bible
  • Burkina Faso – Puguli Bible
  • Guinea-Bissau –  Facendi Bible
  • Kenya – Waata Bible

Total Bible projects represents 43,470,000 people

Church Planters & Church Planting Crusades – $68,500

  • within the countries of Cambodia/Vietnam, India and Ethiopia
  • Last year through these projects, Church of the Rock sponsored the starting of over 125 churches with over 20,500 salvations.

Gospel Enriched Compassion – $65,000

  • Iraq, Liberia, Sudan, Uganda and through the International Justice Ministry.

Digital Media in the Arab World – $50,000

  •  Last year these projects had over 337,000 internet views.

Discipleship of New Leaders – $35,000

  •  Training of Afghans, Ethiopians & Somalilanders.