Sermon Studies

Salty Christians in a Sour World (Sept. 21-Oct. 26, 2014)

New studies will be added each week on Sunday morning so it will be ready for your group to use. After saving your copies, you may choose to print copies for your group members or forward via email for them to bring to the study themselves.

Study Week Sermon Title Discussion
Sept 21 Part 1 – Is There Salt in Your Shaker?   click for
Sept 28 Part 2 – Living La Vida Salada click for

“Out of the
Saltshaker” Ideas
Oct 5 Part 3 – A Salty Friend   click for
Oct 12 Part 4 – Out of the Saltshaker  click for 
Oct 19 Part 5 – Answering the Questions click for
Oct 26 Part 6 – Salted by the Spirit   click for 



Sermon Studies (Fall 2012/Winter 2013)

Study Week Sermon Title File 1 File 2
May 19 Your Mission, Should You Choose to Accept It
(My Three Loves Part 3)
Leader Member
May 12 (Mother’s Day – No study this weekend)
May 5 Count Your BLESS-ings Leader Member
Apr 28 Turning the World Upside Down Leader Member
Apr 21 The Multi Church Leader Member
Apr 14 My Own Worst Enemy
(Dealing with Disappointment Part 4)
Leader Member
Apr 07 Only When I Laugh
(Dealing with Disappointment Part 3)
Leader Member
Mar 31 TOMBSTONE (Easter Message)
Leader Member
Mar 24 I Wanna Kiss the Bride
(My Three Loves Part 2)
Leader Member
Mar 17 The Mustard Seed Effect Leader Member
Mar 10 The Big D (Dealing with Disappointment Part 2) Leader Member
Mar 3 An Appointment with Disappointment (Dealing with Disappointment Part 1) Leader Member
Feb 24 My Three Loves Leader Member
Feb 17 Take the Rock Home (Brian Siewert) Leader Member
Feb 10 The Spiritual You (Who Are You? Series Part 4)
Leader Member
Feb 3 Rut Busters (Pathfinders Series Part 3 – earlier series) Leader Member
Jan 27 The Soulish You (Who Are You? Series Part 3)
Leader Member
Jan 20 The Physical You (Who Are You? Series Part 2) Leader Member
Jan 13 The Triune You (Who Are You? Series Part 1)
Leader Member
Jan 6 What’s the Plan? Leader Member
Dec 16 A Streetcar Named Desire (Off Broadway Series Part 6) Leader Member
Dec 9 The Commitments (Off Broadway Series Part 5) Leader Member
Dec 2 Trusting Your GPS (Pathfinders Series Part 2) Leader Member
Nov 25 Wicked (Off Broadway Series Part 4) Leader Member
Nov 18 Les Miserables (Off Broadway Series Part 3) Leader  Member
Nov 11 A More Excellent Way (previous message) Leader  Member
Nov 4 Taming of the Shrew (Off Broadway Series Part 2) Leader  Member
Oct 28 Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Off Broadway Series Part 1) Leader  Member
Oct 21 The Path to Higher Ground (Pathfinders Series Part 1) Leader  Member
Oct 14 Then, Now, and Into the Future Leader  Member
Oct 7 A Million Thanks Leader  Member
Sept 30 Resistance is NOT Futile (Series Part 3) Leader  Member
Sept 23 To Hell with the Devil (Series Part 2) Leader  Member
Sept 16 Satan’s Subtle Strategies (Series Part 1) Leader  Member

*Free audio versions of the sermons will be available on iTunes as normal, although the study is not dependent on having heard the sermon first.

If you have questions about the material, please contact Larissa at the church office (261-0070 x.244).