So how do you know that there is a God?  First we need to realize that God works around us to show that He is present if we will take the time or effort to see Him.   He gives enough evidence in specific ways to each of us to show Himself real so that we can believe in Him.  Though the Bible doesn’t actually prove a God it just starts out with “In the beginning God …”, yet the scriptures do show that there are various ways in which God reveals Himself and the nature of Himself to us.  Here are some of them, I’ll give them in point form .  God will use any or all of these to reveal himself to others so that all will be without excuse when we stand before Him.  These are not in any order of priority.

  • God may directly reveal Himself, through the miraculous, by His intervention, or through other specific ways; these make it obvious to individuals that God is there.
  • Through the love of other Christians.  At times the actions of Christians affirm to people that there must be a God otherwise these people would not be conducting themselves as they do.
  • God has put eternity and a sense of Him already into our hearts ( Ecc. 3:11).  Some biologists and even some atheists call this the “God gene”, which causes people around the world to instinctively believe that there is a God or deity who call us to relationship with Him.
  • God uses the natural world to show His invisible attributes which are clearly seen (Romans 1:20).
    • From the perspective of creation.  There must be an author which brought about the very creation of the universe.  Something doesn’t come from nothing.  Whatever physical things begin to exist must have an author.  That author is God.  Of course, God does not require an author because he did not “begin” to exist.
    • The existence of God makes sense of the fine-tuning of the universe for intelligent life.  During the last 40 years or so, scientists have discovered that the existence of intelligent life depends upon a complex and delicate balance of initial conditions given in the creation of the world itself.  The existence of intelligent life (like us) in the universe depends upon a conspiracy of initial conditions which must be fine-tuned to a degree that is literally incomprehensible and incalculable.  This points to an intelligent designer who set the universe into process.
    • Some of the complex structures within our own physical bodies can best be described through a creative God designing us.  No evolutionary process or mechanism exists for why some parts of our bodies function as they do.
  • Without God there is no ultimate purpose to life.  Your own life or the lives of others.   You see, if God does not exist, life is ultimately meaningless.  If all life is destined to end in death, then ultimately it does not matter how you live.  So if there is no God, then in the end, it makes no difference whether you existed or not.
  • The presence of God makes sense of objective moral values in the world.   If God does not exist, then objective moral values do not exist. To say that there are objective moral values is to say that something is right or wrong independently of whether anybody believes it to be so.  But God is seen as the absolute moral law giver. The law is written in our hearts.
  • The Life and Teaching of Jesus Christ.   The scriptures talk about Jesus being God with us.  Therefore the existence of God makes sense through the historical facts concerning the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus.  New Testament critics have reached something of a consensus that the historical Jesus came on the scene with an unprecedented sense of divine authority, the authority to stand and speak in God’s place.   This life and teaching of Jesus is then back up by the historical proof of His life, death and resurrection.

Be encouraged, God is real, there is a purpose for your life, and God, as Jesus, came to help you walk with Him.  Respond with gratitude because Jesus Christ is revealing Himself to you and that Jesus will help you experience Emmanuel, God with us.