Develop Amazing Boldness

This week at home we were challenged to take inventory of our relationship with Christ and see what steps we needed to take immediately in order to grow our faith in Christ.  More prayer time?  Increasing our time reading God’s Word?  Seeking a mature believer as a mentor?

Whatever your response, share with your group this week and challenge yourself to follow through in this particular area of your life!

Reminder!  There’s a great 5-Day Micro Devotional in your study guide. Hope you had a chance to dive into the “at home” section of your study!

Small Group Highlight!
This group led by Jenn and Marcia comes out faithfully every Wednesday morning to grow together and spread the Love of Christ.  Blessings as you continue with your group!


As we continue in the book of Acts, we will be challenged this week with Pastor Craig Groeschel’s message on Bold Prayers!  Join us at 9:30am in the MP Room.

Thank you to the ladies that provided snacks last week and thank you in advance for those bringing snacks this Wednesday.