I love taking people into the mission field?  What is it about missions?  Of course there are opportunities to touch and minister to people in other countries and cultures.  But short term mission trips also provide opportunities for people to share their faith in real ways.  Short term mission trips can stretch people so that they are ministering beyond their normal capacity.  At the same time as they are being stretch the team members also have unique opportunities to experience the reality of God working through them.

In Joshua chapter 2, after the death of Joshua and after the death of all those who had seen the miracles and the work of God in the wilderness, we read in verse 10 that “When all that generation had been gathered to their fathers, another generation arose after them who did not know the LORD nor the work which He had done for Israel.”  This next generation had not experienced God in a living way, and consequently they quickly fell away from obeying the ways of God and they soon lost their confidence in God.

What about yourself or your next generation?  Have you and your children experienced God working in you and through you?  Of course God is always working in and around us, but for many they do not understand or recognize that this is God working.   Many Christians have never actually experienced God working through them.  They have not had a situation where God touched others through them.   They have never had God answer their prayer as they ministered to others, they have never shared what God has done in their lives nor have they felt that they have directly changed the life of another individual.  These things often happen on short term mission trips.

For some of you being stretched on a short term mission trip is something that is needed.  Take some time to pray about what might be the next step that God has for you in the area of missions.