The hot weather and lack of rain have continued to limit the lawn growth  on the block.  We were able to mow a few lawns, but for the most part, lawns are not growing right now.  We were still able to connect with people on the block.  We had a great conversation with a gentleman who we have helped several times with his lawn.  We asked him if he has ever checked our church out.  He said no, he goes to a temple on Sunday’s, but he tells everyone about how we help him every week and so maybe he will miss one week of his temple meetings and come check our church out.  It made my day when he said that.  We have been coming to his place for over a year now and we are starting to see the fruit of our labor!

This week is church camp and because of that, some of our regular people are away.  It would be great if some extra people are able to come out this Saturday to help fill in the gaps for those away.  Who knows what opportunities God will bring our way this week?!


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