Moses, in picking leaders over the children of Israel, is to pick people “of truth”. He is to choose people who love and embrace the truth, speak the truth and do the truth. Of course everyone says that they love the truth, but they only really love the truth when the truth will not negatively affect them, or when it doesn’t reach into the inner parts of showing their true nature, or when not providing an honest appraisal of who they really are. In other words, most people love the truth as long as the truth makes them look good. That is why “little white lies” are commonly committed, to cover over the truth of where we have fallen short. We say, “I’m just getting to it now”, when we haven’t even started it. We cover over ourselves with, “I’ve tried but haven’t gotten through”, when we have actually forgotten to try. “The traffic was bad”, but we really just started out late. Psalm 51:6 says that God “desires truth in the inward parts”. Complete honesty with ourselves is essential. This type of honesty forces us to realize our faults, failures and weaknesses. It forces us to need a redeemer to help and to rescue us. It is this person “of truth” that God is looking for. Lord Jesus, truth is not always easy to embrace because it exposes us, but it is what You desire. Give us the strength to walk in truth.