In Exodus chapter 18, Moses is about to pick some leadership helpers.  He will choose men to rule over groups of tens, fifties, hundreds and thousands.  Specific guidelines are given as to who would qualify for these leadership positions.  Moses is to told to “select from all the people able men, such as fear God, men of truth, hating covetousness”.  Obviously the person must have some level of ability or competence.   They must be able to lead, organize, motivate, and encourage.  Some have said that these need to be persons of wisdom, discernment, judgment, and fortitude; for who can be a ruler without these qualifications?
Interestingly, Moses was not told to just sit and pray and wait for divine direction from God, yes Moses was told to stand before God, but he was told to go and pick out the men who were able.  He was to evaluate how people conducted themselves and to make judgment calls on the ability of individuals.  Moses was to use the wisdom and leadership ability that he personally had, to make decisions about who qualified to lead.   Sometimes people say, “just pray about it”, and yes, prayer is important, but Moses was also to use the God given skills which he had and trust that God would work through these.
   In our lives would Moses or God see us as being “able”?   What areas in our lives are preventing us from being the “able ones” whom God would want to use for leading His people?  Are there areas that need to be developed so that we could more fully and more competently lead God’s people?
   Take a moment to pray, asking God to help you be more able to do the work that He is wanting you to be involved in.  Then start living, showing yourself as being “able”.