This last Saturday was such a fun time! There were five people that came to help hand out Vinetarta’s to all the people on the blocks. There were a few walk ways to shovel snow, but not many.

We handed out the Vinetarta’s to each house on the blocks and were able to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. We even received some gifts ourselves as people showed their appreciation for what Adopt-A-Block does every Saturday. The Church also received a few letters in the mail from people wanting to share their thanks.

To the people we talked to, we were able to personally invite them out to the Church’s Christmas Eve service and many people seemed interested. We had an opportunity to pray for the Hindu man and his wife as they are leaving sometime soon for India. He updated us that he is recovering well from his surgery and acknowledged that God answered our prayers.

There will be no Adopt-A-Block this Saturday, Dec 24th as it is Christmas Eve and many people will be spending time with family. So enjoy the peace and good will towards men that Christ brings this season. Have a Merry Christmas!


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