Another week has come and gone. It seems like the snow is not going to stop falling this winter. Last week we were able to help out some people with clearing the snow piles that the plough had left for them. We were also given the opportunity to pray with one person, and share our faith with another. The unfortunate part about last week was that there were only 4 people at adopt-a-block this week, making the work take a little longer than usual.

Christmas is just around the corner. Last year we provided home baked cookies foreveryone on our block and were met with raving reviews! We received so many compliments and Christmas cards from the people on the block because of the cookies. We definitely made an impact. We want to do the same thing this year as last and make sure that every home gets some home backed cookies.

Here is how this is going to work. We want the cookies to be as fresh as possible, so they need to be made as close to the delivery date as can be. We will be handing them out on Saturday December 18th. If you are able buy a small tin, small enough to fit in a mailbox (you can get these from most dollar stores), bake some cookies, put them in the tin, and bring them to the church between December 16th and 18th, we will deliver them on Saturday morning to the residents on our blocks. We will need around 130 tins of cookies, so the more you are willing to make the better. It would be very helpful if you could respond to this email and let me know how many tins you are able to make. I know the people on the block will be blessed by your generosity!

Have a great Christmas season,



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