This last Saturday there were a few people out as well as a Home Group. There was not much shoveling to be done as we have not had a snowfall in quite some time.

It was still a good time as we were able to continue making connections with people¬† on the blocks. We let people know that next week is our yearly Christmas Baking Delivery. This year we will be delivering Vinatarta’s, a very tasty Icelandic Christmas Cake that have been so graciously donated to the Church for us to hand out at Adopt-A-Block.

This is an exceptionally fun time of year to go door to door handing out Christmas Baking to show people God’s love. So come on out and share in the gift of giving. After all it is far better to give than to receive.

This will also be the last Saturday for Adopt-A-Block, until it returns again in January for the New Year!


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