In every job that you are in, there will be correction given, there will be challenging situations and there will be the temptation to quit your job, thinking that you can get something better elsewhere. However Ecc. 10:4 says, “If your boss is angry at you, don’t quit! A quiet spirit can overcome even great mistakes.(NLT)” Yes there will be times when your boss corrects you or is angry with you. Perhaps some of these times are rightly deserved, and sometimes they are wrongly deserved, however the challenge is to look beyond yourself. In the New King James Version the same verse says, “If the spirit of the ruler rises against you, Do not leave your post;” Leaving your post implies something slightly different than quitting your job. One’s post could have been your guard duty, or your position of authority. In keeping your post, when it wasn’t easy, it meant that you kept your watch for the security of others perhaps even the city. Leaving your post could affect many more people than just yourself. People often leave their jobs, their marriages, their friendships, or other responsibilities because of challenging situations. Rarely do they realize that quitting affect more people than just themself. The pain that we think that we are experiencing is often nothing compared to the pain that others close to us experience when we quit for inappropriate reasons. How much better is a quiet spirit than a hasty leaving of the job or situation in frustration.

Lord help us not to focus on how people are reacting towards us but to be faithful to our jobs and to those around us.