In John 2:8, Jesus turns the water into wine. The wine which He created was declared to be better than the wine used at the beginning of the wedding. Food and beverages have “after tastes” to them. There are hints of flavour and aromas that either enhance or distract from the nature of the substance. Lord, if you were to draw me out, to pull out some of me to see what is swirling within me or to draw out a section of my life to see what flavour I had. Lord, what would You find?

  • Is there an irritant within me, a hurt from the past that comes out in trying to justify myself at the expense of others? Would there be a sharpness to me, that shows that I am irritated with others or situations? A bite in the flavour that seems to cut into the presentation, making others feel uncomfortable, grit their teeth, be defensive or on guard. My speech should be seasoned with grace. I should not distract from the beauty of The Lord but rather reflect it.
  • Would there be swirling cloudiness, sediment, murkiness, within my inner being. Perhaps significant unprocessed sin of the past is muddying how I present myself. It might cause my comments to be off color or my responses or lack of responses to seem dark and murky. God help me!
  • Does what comes out refresh people? Does what I present revitalize those that are weary and in need of hope and life? Many people, like the woman at the well, are thirsty. Lord let my life bring freshness to others.
  • The wine of God can bring life to people. Does my life point them to this true joy and life of God?
  • When people smell the aroma of this fluid that is drawn out, what is sensed? Is it light, fragrant, or heavy and pungent? May my life be a sweet fragrance to you, Lord, that others might sense you and respond to you.

Lord, You want me to reflect the best, i.e the nature of Jesus Christ.In these last days, may I present myself and be presented as part of the “great wedding celebration” that is coming.May I help to minister life in these last days so people will experience: the most compelling explanation that they have ever heard, more of Jesus than they has seen before, sensing God or the Spirit more than before.In the drawing out process, God takes some away that there may be an examining of the nature of what is within. This process is uncomfortable because we like to be full, to have everything complete, nice and tidy, nothing missing, but often that is not reality.This process implies there will be some removal of what we personally have.Lord help me to be willing to release and not hold onto what I have or what I feel is mine.May I reflect something good to the world around me.


  1. I have thought about this miracle but in a different way. Two things: first that the best wine at the end is what is waiting for us in heaven. We will not get the best until Jesus returns and those who believe in Him will then get the best wine. Secondly, we must not be like the servant and keep our mouths shut when a miracle happens. We have been told to reach out to whoever God wants us to talk to or help. Keeping quiet is not an option for a Christian.

  2. Theo…

    That’s why I enjoy COTR so much. Theyre definitely not a fire n brimstone kindof place. Luke 17:21 sums up the bulk of COTR preaching quite nicely. Keep up the blog keith. please.

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