“When the queen of Sheba heard of the fame of Solomon concerning the name of the LORD, (1 Kings 10:1)”  What an interesting verse. Many people have fame. Fame based upon athletic achievements, explorations, military exploits, intellectual perspectives, monetary possessions, being a good leader, a good parent, or many other things. Yet the fame of Solomon was different, his fame was not founded upon himself but upon the name of the Lord. The fame was seen not in light of Solomon’s attributes but in respect to God and the things of God. Some Biblical commentaries say that this means that the fame was based upon 1) either his great knowledge of God, or 2) the extraordinary things which God had done for him. These two thoughts are similar to where Paul said that he laboured that he might “know Him and the power of His resurrection. (Phil 3:10)”  Of course the extraordinary things of God and the power of God are not just the miracles or signs and wonders of God, for even more powerful are the aspects of God’s forgiveness, His mercy, His unconditional love and His grace. What things do you hope would bring fame to you? In wisdom, may you seek to know God more personally and to experience the extraordinary power of God’s working. The keys for true fame hinge on these two concepts.


  1. Pray for all my blessings of Holy, neighborhood, love, 10 commandments, pray forgiveness, world peace, health, protection, goodness, friends and family, paths to heaven, house bless, siblings, serenity, job, temperance, meek, mild, weapons of mass, grace, Our Father… Hail Mary… past present future

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