Another great day was had at Adopt-a-Block last week.  We were able to mow a few lawns and spend some time talking with people on the block.  Basically, we continued to build relationships with our neighbours.  We actually had one of these neighbours express how they are so appreciative of what we do.  They just cannot believe that we come out every week and help.  When I think about it, I forget how foreign of a concept that is for people.  We are used to it because we have been doing it for so long, but where else are you going to find people willing to help you mow your lawn, rake your leaves, and shovel your walk?  It does not happen … except in our neighborhood!

We are still looking for people to come out once a month.  If you feel that nagging feeling in your heart that says you should be signing up for once a month, it is probably God.  Listening to Him is usually a good thing, and so if you are feeling that tug, let me know, I’ll get you set up.  Just comment on this blog and I’ll take care of the rest.


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