We had an amazing time last week.  We planted dozens of flowers in our normal two blocks as well as in the other two blocks that we hope to someday adopt.  We mowed several lawns, one of which the grass was quite long and took some time to finish.  Of course we also invited everyone on the blocks to the Community Carnival we will be holding in the community on Sunday June 12th.  The carnival this year is going to be phenomenal!

These last two years the adopt-a-block team has put on a very successful carnival in our community.  We have seen over two hundred people come out to participate in the event.  This year, we are stepping it up in a huge way.  We have joined forces with our church picnic and have more than doubled the activities happening at the event.  We will have the usual things like free haircuts, kid’s games, and of course a great free lunch.  This year however, we have added things like a hay ride, dunk tank, more bouncers and chances for a ride on a tethered hot air balloon!   We are expecting around 400 people from the community to come out.

All that said, we need your help to make this all happen.  First of all, we are still doing adopt-a-block on Saturday and need some people to help with that.  We will most likely mow some lawns and definitely remind people about the carnival happening the next day.  As of right now, we are pretty slim on volunteers helping Saturday morning in the community.  We also need volunteers on Sunday to help with the carnival.  We need help with things like loading and unloading, kids events, and help with the food.

If you are able to help with any of these opportunities, please let me know as soon as possible.


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