February 20th was our first-annual Winter Carnival at the Westridge Community Centre.  We had no idea how many people to expect so we prepared to have enough food to feed a little over 200 people.  Turns out, we had about 200 people show up.  It was an incredible day!

We started off by serving lunch to the community.

Then we started into the several different activities for the afternoon.  We had face painting, sleds, snow painting and several other activities.

Of course, the the sleigh ride was the big hit.  There was a huge line of families eager for a ride with the horses.  The kids were even allowed to feed the horses carrots while the next group was loading on.

We ended the day with a presentation by a local magician as well as our Family Rockz! team.  We had the adults sit on the chairs, the kids sit on the floor at the front, and even still there were a bunch of people standing at the back because there was not enough room for them.

After the presentation was over, we sent everyone out for a candy toss on the outdoor ice rink. The kids had a blast!

It was such a great time and we had an amazing group of volunteers.  It is so great to be part of a church of people that are willing to serve the community in this way!  I can’t wait for next year!

-Pastor Duane