In 2 Kings 3:11 the kings of Judah, Israel and Edom have gathered their armies together to fight against the Moabites. They have marched for seven days without any water and feel that they will soon be overwhelmed by the thirst and the enemy. In that situation the Godly king Jehoshaphat suggests that they find a prophet and try to inquire of The Lord. Interestingly, they had not thought of asking for God’s advice when they first contemplated going into battle, but now in the time of difficulty, seeking God became important. Many times in our lives, we too just continue on, living life like normal, making decisions, going about with our plans, until a challenge looms up. Then we call out for God’s help. Wondering if there is a word that God has for the situation. Interestingly, God in His mercy does show up. He gives weird instructions about digging ditches in the ground and how the Moabites will be overcome. In God’s unique way, the enemy is overthrown and He shows His great power. However, perhaps we need to be the type of people who are quick to initially seek God’s direction and input into our lives. It is better to start with His direction at the beginning, rather than hoping that He shows up after we’ve messed up.