Through the scriptures there are indications that the righteous in Christ will reign or rule in some capacity with Christ Jesus.  (See Rev 1:6; Rev 20:4; 2 Tim 2:12.)  Some might think that the kingdom of God will increase to such an extent that Christians will  take over the world, ruling in all political offices, the legal system, the halls of education, etc.  Definitely having a Christian witness and influence in all aspects of our society is a good thing.  In Revelation 5:9,10, the elders in heaven declare praise and worship to the Risen Lamb saying that those redeemed out of every tribe and tongue and people … shall reign on the earth.
The thought of reigning implies more than just some glory position where we can flaunt our power and show off our closeness to The Lord Jesus.  Not every Christian may feel destined to be rulers and yet God wants all of us to be rulers. We all have people and situations that we come in contact with and in these spheres we are to be people of influence.  However, true reigning implies some proper responses on our part.
Gal. 4:1 says that “the heir, as long as he is a child, does not differ from a slave, though he is supposed to be the master of all.” Before we can reign, as we are destine to, maturity is required.  Maturity means we need to put away our childish, selfish ways and that we willingly give of ourselves towards others.  Let’s ask ourselves, “What areas does God have for us to move into, but our immaturity is keeping us from obtaining it?”
Lord Jesus, our immaturity easily keeps  us from what You would want us to walk in.  Help us to be influencers of the world around us, as we walk in Christian maturity.