This Tuesday, January 4th, we meet together for our next “Power & Praise” night (also a part of our Prayer & Fasting emphasis on Monday – Wednesday).  We thought you might like to hear one or two of the testimonies of healing from our last P&P night in November.

James wrote:

When I showed up to the Power & Praise night in November, like all other nights I expected to meet with God. Well He didn’t want to just meet with me, He wanted to heal me as well.

When Pastor Mark said that God wanted to heal those with arthritis I put my hand up . Arthritis had bothered my hands and legs for many years and during the last year or so it was bad enough to prevent me from making  complete fists and I struggled with smaller tasks like holding nails while hitting with a hammer.

When I stood up at the meeting four people surrounded me and began to pray over me. Almost right away I began to feel a tingling in my hands followed by a warming sensation and then my hands grew hot. Without a doubt I began to feel  the healing touch from the Lord. I clenched my fists for the first time in a long time and just about cried (I did actually).

Since that night I no longer wake up with pain in my legs .Some mornings it was a struggle to walk for the first ten minuets without feeling pain. I had watched my mothers fingers become deformed from the crippling disease and I didn’t relish the thought of it happening to me. God reached down and touched me and healed me .

He is an awesome God. And I love Him.

Jacob gave us his story to share as well:

About two weeks before I graduated in June of 2009, I was playing basketball with some friends and an exchange student from Mexico. Being a teenager, I was trying to impress this exchange student, so I was doing some fancy moves and spins and all sorts of things.

Well, one of the spins went bad, and my knee and everything below that point stayed in one spot, but above the knee kept spinning about half a turn. I heard it pop, and the pain was like nothing I’ve ever felt. I went down, but got up right away, so as to not let on to the fact that I was hurt. I guess it hadn’t been too serious, because it went back into place. But since then, my knee has been very weak and extremely painful. Bending down was next to impossible, and playing sports and snowboarding (which is my favorite pastime) were not possible without wearing a brace. It had gotten better over time, but it was still painful.

That Tuesday at church [November’s Power & Praise night], I was standing in front of the stage when Pastor Mark asked us to get down on our knees. Well, that has been very hard for me for a long time, but he told me to do it so I did. It hurt, but I was too concentrated on worshiping God to take much notice. James came up behind me and started praying, and with me realizing, I sank down all the way till my heels were touching my rear end, something I could never have done had God not touched me in that moment (by kirby). Since then, the pain has decreased by about 70 percent at least, if not more, and my knee is feeling amazingly strong and rigid.

I can’t wait to get on my board and see what I can do now!

So come on out to Power & Praise – this Tuesday evening from 7:30 – 9:00 PM in the main auditorium.  See you there!


  1. God is so good. So many people think healings are a thing of the past and God is not in the business of healing today. Give thanks to him who is the same yesterday, today and forever and he does care for us and loves us that he would reach down and touch our mortal bodies with his divine hand.

    1. hey Lynn! This post is actually from 2010. Power and praise is actually this THURSDAY May 21 @ 7:30pm at our BRONX PARK CAMPUS. (Bronx Park Community Center)

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