Over the past several weeks, we have been seeing some incredible healings at Church of the Rock Bronx Park during Power & Praise and prayer times!


During our first Power & Praise at Bronx Park (May 22), a woman was completely healed of fibromyalgia which had plagued her for years, no longer experiencing her regular pain and fatigue which have not returned since. Shortly after, another woman shared that the excruciating back pain she had been wrestling with disappeared during a prayer time. And just this past week, a man who had damaged his rotator cuff and felt warmth and healing in prayer, shared and demonstrated to the congregation his renewed shoulder mobility!

We are very excited about the healings God has been doing in our midst and we invite you to join us for a service or prayer time any Sunday at the Bronx Park Community Centre.

If you are looking for prayer or healing, feel free to drop by the Prayer Room on Sundays at our other locations, or click here to request prayer. During online church services we have volunteers on hand to pray with you via private chat.


  1. That is awesome! We praise the Lord for all the healings and thank Him for showing Himself mighty in our midst!

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