This week!

Gross Out Night!
Sept 27th Friday 7:11-10:00pm
Can you handle the gross foods we have in store for you? If you can, you’ll win something NOT gross! We start our new series called lifelines! It’s about what Godly friendships look like!

The week after that…

Live-Action Role Play (LARP)
Oct 4th Friday 7:11-10:00pm
Foam swords and battles to be won for you and your team! Fight for glory and tasty treats! We continue with our series call Lifeline!

The week after that…
couple near mural
Catch Phrase
Oct 11th Friday 7:11-10:00pm
You are wise, but can you use your words wisely without saying the phrase? Get your friend to say the word without saying it yourself! We continue with our series call Lifeline!


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