This week!

Gargon Pt 2
February 21st – Friday 7:11-10 PM

We turn out the lights and try to find the flashlight pieces to destroy the Gargon! We start a new faith-based series on Jesus!

The week after that…

Game Show Night
February 28th- Friday 7:11-10:pm
We love to play game shows for prizes! This is your chance to win big! Join us!

The week after that…

Camp Fundraiser at P.K 
March 6th & 7th Friday & Saturday
Volunteering at the fundraiser will grant the student $50-80 off their cost!
The following shifts are needed.
1. Fri (5:30 pm -10:00 pm-10 people)
2. Sat(8:00 am-12:30 pm-most help)
3. Sat(12:00 pm-4:30 pm-10 people)

The week after that…

March 13th – Friday 7:11-10:pm
If its not too hot and not too cold, perfect time to sled! We’ll have hot chocolate and sleds! But feel free to bring your own!


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