This week…

SECOND TRY AT THE CORN MAZE if not then U-Puttz!
Join us with a fun scavenger hunt for prizes and hanging out at the corn maze. We always meet at the church first!

HSM (Starting Gr 9-12)
Fri. Sept 20th Cost: $13
Meet at church @ 7:11pm
Pickup @ 10pm
*** Weather might CANCEL this event! Check Our Instagram Account @churchoftherockhsm. Our backup plan is going to U-Puttz! Unlimited Lazer-Tag, Bumper Cars & Mini Golf!  13 Dollars is a steal of a deal for this price!***

The week after that…

Gross Out Night!
Sept 27th Friday 7:11-10:00pm
Can you handle the gross foods we have in store for you? If you can, you’ll win something NOT gross!

The week after that…

Live-Action Role Play (LARP)
Oct 4th Friday 7:11-10:00pm
Foam swords and battles to be won for you and your team! Fight for glory and tasty treats!


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