This week…

Gargon, Part 2
March 29th Friday 7:11-10pm
We got so scared the first time, we realized we needed a second! We turn off all the lights in the church and get chased by a monster! First one to find flashlight pieces to shine on the monster wins! We start a series called LiveFree, which is a series taught by our own students! You won’t want to miss it!

The week after that…

Mega Jenga: Blindfolded
April 5th Friday 7:11pm-10:00pm
We’ve got a Jumbo Jenga set that isn’t anything to sneeze at! You get to play, but you have to be blindfolded in order to win!  We also continue with our LiveFree series!

The week after that…

Disney Sirioke

April 12th Friday 7:11pm-10:00pm
Siri recites a well-known Disney song and you have to guess what it is! We continue with our student-led series call LiveFree.


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