This week…
Human Horseshoe!
February 17th @ 7:11pm-10:00pm
Created by our own students, we’ll be be horsing around with a new game called Human Horseshoe!  We’ll be also continuing with our Dateable series!  Come check it out with friends or maybe someone you wanna date 😉 .

Next week…

Ask Anything!
February 24th @ 7:11pm—10:00pm
You probably have some questions by now!  Let us have them!  We are answering questions about the series OR anything!  Think about them and text them in anonymously if you want!  We are also in Part 3 of Dateable.

The week after that…

Small Groups
March 3rd @ 7:11pm—10:00pm
Yup, we get to relax with our small groups and have snacks to talk about Jesus!  We finish off our Dateable series!


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