This week…

Family Feud with Small Groups!
February 9nd @ 7:11pm-10:00pm
Hopefully, you’ve spent enough time with your small groups that they are starting to feel like family!  We will also be concluding our Measure Up series!

The week after that…

Handball Handball Handball!
February 16th @ 7:11pm-10:00pm
This high flying activity is a ton of fun with your friends!  Join us as we play Handball and we also start a new series call ‘Social Skillz’, where we look into scripture to see how we can be more equipped to be a better friend and make better choices in the social scene!

The week after that…

Beach Ball with a Twist!
February 23rd @ 7:11pm-10:00pm
Summer hasn’t come early enough!  Join us as we take a break of winter, turn up the heat and pretend it’s the summer!  We’ll play beach volleyball with a twist!  We are also on our second week of Social Skillz, where we teach you how to master social situations!


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