This week…
Nerf Gun Battle!
January 13th @ 7:11pm-10:00pm
This is the perfect time to bring your friends to have fun and check out the youth group!  We are renting some amazing nerf guns to try out for the evening and it should be sweet!

Next week…

Small Group!
January 20th @ 7:11-10:00pm
We are going to be spending a lot of intentional time in small groups this Friday!  It’s a time were we turn up the spiritual temperature, dig into the message and pray for each other.

The week after that…

Say the Same Thing!
January 27th @ 7:11-10:00pm
Have you played the app ‘Say the Same Thing’?  Well, download it and get good because we are playing it for some sweet prizes!  We are finishing our series called ‘I’m In”.  Friends and new people are always invited!


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