This week…

Archery Tag
Cost $5 or FREE if you bring a friend
May 19th @ 7:11pm—9:45pm
It’s the newest tag game on the market.  If you like lazertag and you love archery—this is for you!  Totally safe and fun!  Remember its free if you bring a friend not a sibling!
Waivers Needed CLICK HERE

Next week…

Local Missions Trip—COST $20

May 26th– 7:11pm  to May 27th – 10:00pm
Going on a mission trip is not just for foreign countries, it’s also for our own city.  We will be serving local charities and learning about the needs of our city.
SIGN-UP Needed

The week after that…

Handball Frenzy
June 2nd @ 7:11pm – 10:00pm
We’ve got new nets we want to try out and a new game for HSM!  Handball is a ton of fun and super easy to play!  We’ll all compete to see which group get snacks.  We are also continuing with Part 3 of our Limitless series.

By the way!  For at least 2 years we have been supporting Simon Munyaneza as our sponsor child!  We hope that our students might have the opportunity to be generous through this sponsorship.  We take an offering almost every Friday and invite our students to participate.  All of the money goes straight to Simon!


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