This week…
Human Space Invaders
November 25th @ 7:11pm—10:00pm
Kind of like dodgeball, kind of like space invaders, kind of REALLY FUN.  Visit us in the cage as we worship and finish our series called No Filter!

Next week…

This is the biggest youth conference in the city!  Created by Riverwood, Oasis, Soul Sanctuary, Grant Memorial, Church of the Rock, Calvary Temple and a ton of other churches!  Christ centered time with worship, teaching, concerts and fun!
Check out the video and info here ->

The week after that…

Family Feud Christmas Edition
December 9th @ 7:11pm—10:00pm
By now, small groups are our family!  Let’s team up to see who can win prizes for small groups with a friendly game of Family Feud.  We will be starting a new series called ‘Another Christmas Story’.  It’s about how God has an incredible story for our own lives.


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