This week…
Small Group Pizza Party!
Friday, September 16th. Cost: FREE. 7:11pm-10:o0pm
Meet up with your new small group and see how awesome everyone is.
Did I mention you also get pizza?  Hmm, I think you get it!

Next week…
Grossed Out Night!
Friday, September 23rd. 7:11pm-10:00pm
How strong is your stomach?  We’ll find out who the winner is by a variety of challenges.  Can you eat a pickled snake?  How about a McHappy Meal Milkshake?  You’ll be saying more than ‘ew’ by the end of the night.  We start a new series called ‘Activate’ in which we find out what activate and deactivates our faith.  See you there!

Week after that…
Live Action Role Play (LARP!)
Friday, September 30th @ 7:11pm-10:00pm
One of HSM’s favourite games to play – LARPing!  With epic music, you attack your foes with a sword made out of razor-sharp Styrofoam.  Okay maybe not so razor-sharp…  We also continue with our Activate series (Part 2)!


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