This week: Kick Off in the Corn!

This week…
Kick Off In the Corn!
Friday, September 9th. Cost $12.
Meet at the church @ 6:45pm. Pickup @ 10:00pm

The school year kicks off with a trip to the Corn Maze!
Be prepared to get dirty and for the darkness (flashlight, boots, etc.)
We will have sparklers for you!  Boo yah!
Waiver needed!  Click Here!

Next Week…
Small Group Pizza Party!
Friday, September 16th. Cost: FREE. 7:11pm-10:o0pm
Meet up with your new small group and see how awesome everyone is.
Did I mention you also get pizza?  Hmm, I think you get it!

Week after that…
Grossed Out Night!
Friday, September 23rd. 7:11pm-10:00pm
How strong is your stomach?  We’ll find out who the winner is by a variety of challenges.  Can you eat a pickled snake?  How about a McHappy Meal Milkshake?  You’ll be saying more than ‘ew’ by the end of the night.  See you there!


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