A mid-aged Haitian pastor with 6 children, missed the pastoral convention to which he had been invited. The day before the conference his wife died.  She had not been sick, she experienced no pain, there was no dizziness, no health issues. She just laid down and died.  The husband, other family members, the children, the congregation and the community were shocked.  She was a godly woman who was actively involved in the church and the Christian school within their church.
The pastor said, “the children will miss their mother, and I will miss my wife, but God says, ‘that our lives are like the flowers of the field, they are here today and gone tomorrow’.”  “The Bible tells us that there will be challenges, there will be problems, all will not go well as the world would think, and when we are on this earth we all will die, but Jesus is with me, His Spirit is comforting me.  I will continue to preach about my loving Jesus.”
These are different words of confidence and strength that are rarely heard here in the developed world.  When we focus on our possessions and things we easily fail to reflect on the true issues of life.  This Haitian pastor who had no running water, no vehicle not even a bicycle, and only a coal oil lamp for lighting in the dark nights, knew the true value of life.  He also knew the true source of strength and purpose.  This purpose was not based upon possessions or people, but upon his relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ.  A relationship that would never leave or disappoint him.
May we be able to rightly face death in our times of loss or sorrow, because we have true life from Our Lord.